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Our company is located in a modern industrial building with 820 m2 floor space and a versatile choice of machinery:

  • milling machine for long workpieces X-9500, Y-500, Z-500konekantakuva
  • milling machine for long workpieces X-7500, Y-400, Z-400
  • vertical milling machine X-1500, Y-700, Z-500
  • tool milling machine X-700, Y-300, Z-400
  • lathe Ø350, span 9500mm
  • lathe , span 610m
  • lathe, span 1100mm
  • turret lathe Ø500
  • radial drilling machine
  • MIG/MAG, TIG and conventional arc and gas welding equipment
  • flame cutting machine 1500x1140mm
  • band saw
  • bridge cranes 3,2 tons (x2)
  • wheel loader and electric fork lift